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2. 25. 2021
Introducing the Masterpiece Collection Spring Drive 8 Day Jewelry Watch, Ref. SBGD207
Grand Seiko unveils their second jewelry masterpiece, SBGD207, this time inspired by the green hues of Mishaka Pond.
Grand Seiko SBGD207 against forest backdrop

In 2020, Grand Seiko revealed its first jewelry masterpiece, reference SBGD205. That watch, built on the platform first introduced by reference SBGD201 in 2016, featured 96 carefully selected diamonds and 25 sapphires atop a “diamond dust” dial, and was inspired by the winter mornings of the Shinshu region, which is where Grand Seiko produces their Spring Drive timepieces. It’s also where the skilled craftsmen and women of the Micro Artist Studio have been making masterpieces based on Spring Drive since 2000, marrying the best of horological innovation and hand craftsmanship of the highest order.

Grand Seiko SBGD201 SBGD202 SBGD205
From left to right, SBGD201, SBGD205, and SBGD202.

Today, Grand Seiko unveils their second jewelry masterpiece, this time inspired by the green hues of Mishaka Pond. Introducing the Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection Spring Drive 8 Day Jewelry Watch, reference SBGD207.


Grand Seiko SBGD207

Mishaka Pond is tucked away in a forest that is situated to the east of Lake Suwa not far Shiojiri, which is where the Micro Artist Studio is located. The pond’s crystal clear water reflects the trees that grow along the water’s edge, giving it a stunning green cast that, especially in high summer, enchants both visitors and locals alike.

This verdant vista is captured by the green mother-of-pearl dial and the green garnet indexes. In addition to the 12 garnets set around the dial to act as hour markers, there are 48 baguette diamonds representing the minutes, all arranged side by side and set into an 18k white gold base. The gems are placed horizontally so that they catch the light evenly, and the garnet at twelve o’clock is a touch wider for legibility.

The craftsmanship that goes into setting these stones is extremely high; the rails holding the stones are very thin, so only the most skilled of the jewelry craftsmen and women of the Shinshu Watch Studio are capable of working on this watch.

Grand Seiko SBGD207 crown detail

The case is rendered in Platinum 950, and it measures 43mm across and 13.5mm thick. It features Grand Seiko’s trademark Zaratsu polishing, which is made possible through a special technique created especially for finishing platinum. Beyond the aforementioned baguettes, SBGD207 features 47 additional diamonds (46 on the dial and 1 in the crown) and 12 garnets (on the dial).

Grand Seiko 9R01 movement

Powering the watch is Caliber 9R01, a technical and aesthetic powerhouse boasting the full potential of Spring Drive. It offers a precision rate of 10 seconds per month and an 8-day power reserve made possible by a system of three barrels arranged in sequence. To ensure the movement’s stability and to secure any wheels from becoming displaced in case of shock, a single solid bridge is used. The architecture and finishing of the caliber are inspired by the scenery of Lake Suwa. The bridge traces the contours of Mt. Fuji, the glide wheel represents the sun setting behind the mountain, the rubies and tempered blued screws evoke the lights of Suwa City at night, and the power reserve indicator echoes the shape of Lake Suwa. The caliber features convex beveling along the edges of the bridge, and the top surface is done in a hairline finish.

Price: $185,000
Case: Platinum 950
Dimensions: 43mm in diameter x 13.5mm in thickness
Movement: 9R01 Spring Drive
Availability: Limited edition of 15 and available in Grand Seiko Boutiques

Grand Seiko SBGD207 green jewelry dial Masterpiece watch
Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
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