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11. 6. 2022
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The GS9 Experience 2022 Brooklyn, NY | November 18th
GS9 Club's biggest member event returns this fall!
Graphic - Brooklyn Bridge and GS9 lion logo.

Grand Seiko Corporation of America is excited to announce The GS9 Experience 2022, its national event for members of the GS9 Club. Slated for Friday, November 18th in Brooklyn, New York, The GS9 Experience 2022 will feature watchmaking demonstrations, expert panel discussions, a collectors lounge to share and discuss your collections, historical and rare timepieces, and much more, all exclusive to GS9 Club members.

In addition to the day’s activities:

There will be a special announcement at 6pm followed by an AFTERPARTY you will never forget – including an immersive experience and celebrity DJs!

Below, you can learn more about the day’s happenings.

Lecture -12:10pm (40min)

Kodo Constant-force Tourbillon: Concept to Reality

Presented by Joe Kirk, Grand Seiko Brand Curator.


In 2020, Grand Seiko presented the “T0 Constant-force Tourbillon,” a multi-patented concept movement that combined a tourbillon and a constant-force mechanism as one unit on a single axis for the very first time in horological history. T0 was praised by people across the industry. Now, two years later in 2022 and ten years after the inception of T0, Grand Seiko has brought the concept movement to life in a dedicated timepiece called Kodo (Japanese for heartbeat), powered by the new 9ST1 caliber. Grand Seiko Brand Curator Joe Kirk explores the journey of Kodo from idea to execution.

Panel 1 – 1:40pm (30min)

Lights, Camera, Action: How to Create Engaging Watch Content for Modern Enthusiasts

Moderated by Jon Bues, Manager Editorial Content, Grand Seiko.


  • Teddy Baldassare, Founder and Creative Director,
  • Zach Pina, The PIP Media Founder and Creative Director
  • Brynn Wallner, Founder, DIMEPIECE
  • Christian Zeron, Founder and Director, Theo & Harris


With “Lights, Camera, Action,” we welcome influential personalities from the world of watch content to give GS9 attendees a peek behind the scenes of their favorite publications and platforms. In a wide-ranging conversation, we will discuss what makes a watch video successful, how creators grow and sustain a following, the degree to which audience feedback guides the direction of their content, and more.

Panel 2 – 3:00pm (40min)

The Evolution of Grand Seiko 

Moderated by Joe Kirk, Grand Seiko Brand Curator.


  • Paul Boutros, Head of Americas for Watches and the International Strategy Advisor for Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo
  • Daniel Broadfoot, Previous Owner of Timeless Luxury Watches, now Watches of Switzerland Legacy West / Watch Industry Advisor
  • Robert Caplan, Co-Owner Toppers Jewelers
  • Jack Forster, Global Editorial Director, Watchbox
  • Kelly Yoch, Director of Client Relations, Watches of Switzerland
  • Bhanu Chopra, Editor-in-Chief, Revolution USA


Grand Seiko was built on the foundation of creating the best possible practical watches, emphasizing core brand values such as accuracy, legibility, durability, and beauty. Since its inception in 1960, Grand Seiko has continued to pursue new heights in watchmaking to achieve the very best of each of its values. Brand Curator Joe Kirk will host a conversation with leading industry voices to chart the evolution of Grand Seiko from past to present.

Panel 3 – 4:30pm (40min)

Japanese Style

Moderated by Spencer Bailey, Co-founder, The Slowdown and co-host Time Sensitive.


  • David Kenji Chang, feature writer focused on design, fashion, and artisanal craftwork
  • Malaika Crawford, Style Editor, HODINKEE


This conversation will explore and define Japanese style through the lenses of fashion and streetwear, craft, architecture, design, culture, and nature. Considering Japan in a global context, panelists will unpack the longstanding connection between Japanese and American fashion. The conversation will also delve into distinctly Japanese concepts such as wabi sabi and hodo-hodo, as well as consider the works of figures such as Isamu Noguchi, Yayoi Kusama, and Takashi Murakami.

VIP AFTERPARTY – 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Finally, be sure to stick around for the party of the year. After a special announcement, guests will cap off a day of horological wonderment as the space transports you to an immersive experience for an evening of food, drink, and a performance from surprise celebrity DJs.

Registration is now open. Please RSVP below to attend. Attendees may bring a plus one (family member or significant other), but please register them separately to ensure a correct headcount.

GS9 Club Experience 2022
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